From full-stack web and websites to microcontroller development, technology is our speciality.


From full-stack web and websites to microcontroller development, technology is our speciality.

We are a white-listed service provider...

Much of what we deliver is business sensitive. Our clients trust it stays that way, that’s why we’re family-style close with those we do business with. Trust is a big deal.

Web development

  • Website design and build
  • Hosting and backup
  • E-commerce
  • Data integrations
  • Custom code development
  • Security
  • CMS alterations
  • Domain name registration
  • Email setup
  • Digital marketing and funnels
  • Newsletter campaigns

Service support

  • Analytics
  • ROI reporting
  • Debugging
  • Malware/threat removal
  • Cybersecurity
  • Penetration testing
  • Digital marketing
  • SEO
  • Maintenance and backups
  • Hosting
  • Domain name registration and updating
  • Email support and setup
  • Split A + B testing

Technical solutions

  • Technical support and research
  • Telecommunication connectivity
  • Radio and IP telephony
  • Remote image capture and time-lapse solutions
  • Hardware and software development
  • Embedded microcontrollers
  • Research and Development programmes


Much like putting a fishing hook out into the ocean your website needs the right bait for your fish. Unlock that ability to receive a return through transparent analytics.

We will show you! As well as provide:

  • A website YOU own
  • A domain name YOU own and control
  • A backup YOU have a copy of

Website projects generally fit into one of our four packages with our simple all-inclusive package – so you know you’re covered.

We’ll set you up with a:
Custom designed website

(your ideas and our designer),


$ 3997 + GST
  • One design change.
  • Five content and blog/news pages,
  • Basic taxonomy of pages and layout,
  • Contact Form,
  • Testimonial section,
  • 12 month care package,
  • Typical timeframe: one month,
  • Social media linking,
  • Setup of analytics,
  • SEO optimised,
  • Hosting and backup included.


$ 7,997 + GST
  • Two design changes.
  • Ten content and blog/news pages,
  • Basic taxonomy of pages and layout,
  • Contact Form with additional fields,
  • Testimonial section,
  • 12 month care package,
  • Typical timeframe: six weeks,
  • E-commerce setup,
  • Setup of analytics,
  • SEO optimised,
  • Cloud hosting and backup included.


$14,997 + GST
  • Up to three design changes.
  • 15 content and blog/news pages,
  • Basic taxonomy of pages and layout,
  • Contact Form with additional fields with funnel interactivity and response,
  • Testimonial section,
  • 12 month care package,
  • Typical timeframe: two months,
  • E-commerce setup,
  • Setup of analytics,
  • SEO optimised,
  • Cloud hosting and backup included.


$24,997 + GST
  • 25 content and blog/news pages
  • Detailed taxonomy of pages and layout
  • Contact Form with additional fields with funnel interactivity and response
  • Testimonial section
  • Regular call check-in meetings
  • Half-day strategy session with your team
  • 12 month care package
  • Typical timeframe: two-three months
  • E-commerce setup
  • Setup of analytics
  • SEO optimised
  • Cloud hosting and backup included


Planning & Process

There are five simple steps to a website project:


    We agree on what’s to be delivered and the timeframes, locked in with a 50% deposit.


    From your ideas our designer will present a mock-up look that you’ll review before its converted to a functioning site.


    Your words and ideas are then transposed into the site pages where you can see it and make any tweaks.


    All aboard as you invite your team to go through the site and make/recommend any last changes before it’s set live. As it’s an editable site we recommend you do what’s right for now – spending too long tweaking can see your content overtaken by time. That’s the power of an editable website – it can always be adjusted.


    Promote and measure

    We’ll work through the details of switching hosting records and multiple backups that go into bringing the new creation to the world’s viewers. Then it’s time to start driving traffic to its door so you can measure what’s working and where you’re getting best value.

An example of our live time-lapse solution:

A lot of what we do comes via referral. Here is why:

Jody Spencer

Health advocate

Our organisation has used to services of Com Technology to build and service multiple websites for ecommerce and information sites (Shopify and WordPress). We love working with Lance, his ability to cover every aspect of the projects has been outstanding, impeccable response times, cost effective, "nothings a problem” attitude and no language barrier is a real value. I highly recommend Com Technology to anybody looking to put great website together at super competitive prices. 

Isabelle Teresa

Communications Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA)

Lance Hastie (as Com Technology) has been CERA’s main timelapse photography supplier. He has given exceptional service both technically and personally.

Lance has installed and maintained up to 10 timelapse cameras at any one time around different locations in central Christchurch, and provides a video file of compiled timelapse footage at any point requested by the client, and adds standard branding elements when required.

These videos have been a high quality product, which CERA has published to the public and the media and are part of our online record. They have played a crucial role in telling the story of what has happened to Christchurch since the earthquakes, and in documenting progress on specific anchor projects from the turning of the first sod until completion.

Lance has always been exceptionally diligent and reliable. We have appreciated that he is friendly and personable and very easy to work with, being responsive to request and suggestions. He is punctual to all appointments, and has provided us with footage within very fast turnaround times.

Wayne Perkins

Classic Motor Racing Club

Hi Lance

I thought I’d drop you a note of genuine and sincere thanks for the wonderful professionalism and sheer enthusiasm of yourself in constructing our new website for the CMRC.

Truly we couldn’t have done it without you and your seemingly endless creative energy, it was very inspirational and an absolute pleasure as you guided us through a very complex process.

Whilst I appreciate that you have done many sites in the past, the way you dealt with us in clear, concise and easy to understand real world terminology was gratefully appreciated.

The outstanding success of our new website is perhaps the best testament of all to your outstanding skills.

Thank you.

Freddy Foote

BNT V8s Media Manager

When the BNT V8s Championship needed a new website, Com Technology was our first port of call. They listened to what we needed, and offered fantastic advice on how our new site should look and most importantly how it should function. From when we hit the go button, they turned it around quick smart, and we had it live within two weeks! And within budget - A fantastic site that works!

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