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Jargon tamers

Jargon tamers

Viruses, scam alerts, data loss, hacking, security certificates - common words that so often are used to create fear by creating a knowledge void. So what do you do? Talk to someone who has been there, dealt with that and halted the cashflow hemorrhage by putting you in control of your decisions based on verified data. Call on our expertise at cleaning up after others misfortunes and bust the jargon.

Time-lapse camera operations

Have you seen the Grand Designs television shows with the time-lapse video clips?

Do you have photographic records, or want photographic record of key projects?

Are you looking to add value to your projects with a photographic eternal record?

Achieve all this inside a high-quality time-lapse camera project tailored to your requirements. We’ll help plan it for you from the end result to how it is going to be captured.

Give your clients something a photo won’t deliver – a start to finish capture of your ability. Keep an eye on your projects while you’re not there and deliver your client a high-quality record of progress from start to completion. Add visual accountability to the project while delivering additional value through hands-off photo capture that builds a time-lapse video dossier.

Time-lapse camera specialists

What people say about us

Lance Hastie (as Com Technology) has been CERA’s main timelapse photography supplier. He has given exceptional service both technically and personally.

Lance has installed and maintained up to 10 timelapse cameras at any one time around different locations in central Christchurch, and provides a video file of compiled timelapse footage at any point requested by the client, and adds standard branding elements when required.

These videos have been a high quality product, which CERA has published to the public and the media and are part of our online record. They have played a crucial role in telling the story of what has happened to Christchurch since the earthquakes, and in documenting progress on specific anchor projects from the turning of the first sod until completion.

Lance has always been exceptionally diligent and reliable. We have appreciated that he is friendly and personable and very easy to work with, being responsive to request and suggestions. He is punctual to all appointments, and has provided us with footage within very fast turnaround times.

Isabelle Teresa | Communications Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA)

Got a technical problem?

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