From full-stack web and websites to microcontroller development, technology is our speciality.


From full-stack web and websites to microcontroller development, technology is our speciality.

We are a white-listed service provider...

Much of what we deliver is business sensitive. Our clients trust it stays that way, that’s why we’re family-style close with those we do business with. Trust is a big deal.

Web development

  • Website design and build
  • Hosting and backup
  • E-commerce
  • Data integrations
  • Custom code development
  • Security
  • CMS alterations
  • Domain name registration
  • Email setup
  • Digital marketing and funnels
  • Newsletter campaigns

Service support

  • Analytics
  • ROI reporting
  • Debugging
  • Malware/threat removal
  • Cybersecurity
  • Penetration testing
  • Digital marketing
  • SEO
  • Maintenance and backups
  • Hosting
  • Domain name registration and updating
  • Email support and setup
  • Split A + B testing

Technical solutions

  • Technical support and research
  • Telecommunication connectivity
  • Radio and IP telephony
  • Remote image capture and time-lapse solutions
  • Hardware and software development
  • Embedded microcontrollers
  • Research and Development programmes


Much like putting a fishing hook out into the ocean your website needs the right bait for your fish. Unlock that ability to receive a return through transparent analytics.

We will show you! As well as provide:

  • A website YOU own
  • A domain name YOU own and control
  • A backup YOU have a copy of

A lot of what we do comes via referral. Here is why:

Jody Spencer

Health advocate

Our organisation has used to services of Com Technology to build and service multiple websites for ecommerce and information sites (Shopify and WordPress). We love working with Lance, his ability to cover every aspect of the projects has been outstanding, impeccable response times, cost effective, "nothings a problem” attitude and no language barrier is a real value. I highly recommend Com Technology to anybody looking to put great website together at super competitive prices. 

Isabelle Teresa

Communications Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA)

Lance Hastie (as Com Technology) has been CERA’s main timelapse photography supplier. He has given exceptional service both technically and personally.

Lance has installed and maintained up to 10 timelapse cameras at any one time around different locations in central Christchurch, and provides a video file of compiled timelapse footage at any point requested by the client, and adds standard branding elements when required.

These videos have been a high quality product, which CERA has published to the public and the media and are part of our online record. They have played a crucial role in telling the story of what has happened to Christchurch since the earthquakes, and in documenting progress on specific anchor projects from the turning of the first sod until completion.

Lance has always been exceptionally diligent and reliable. We have appreciated that he is friendly and personable and very easy to work with, being responsive to request and suggestions. He is punctual to all appointments, and has provided us with footage within very fast turnaround times.

Wayne Perkins

Classic Motor Racing Club

Hi Lance

I thought I’d drop you a note of genuine and sincere thanks for the wonderful professionalism and sheer enthusiasm of yourself in constructing our new website for the CMRC.

Truly we couldn’t have done it without you and your seemingly endless creative energy, it was very inspirational and an absolute pleasure as you guided us through a very complex process.

Whilst I appreciate that you have done many sites in the past, the way you dealt with us in clear, concise and easy to understand real world terminology was gratefully appreciated.

The outstanding success of our new website is perhaps the best testament of all to your outstanding skills.

Thank you.

Freddy Foote

BNT V8s Media Manager

When the BNT V8s Championship needed a new website, Com Technology was our first port of call. They listened to what we needed, and offered fantastic advice on how our new site should look and most importantly how it should function. From when we hit the go button, they turned it around quick smart, and we had it live within two weeks! And within budget - A fantastic site that works!

Close-up of a web browser interface with focus on the address bar and browser options like history and bookmarks.

Never Store Passwords on Your Computer: A Cautionary Tale

This is for anyone who’s ever thought “storing passwords on my computer is convenient” – including your web browser. It’s a wake-up call based on a real-life experience that shows why it’s a risky practice. The Story The author fell victim to a social engineering attack and their computer was compromised. Hackers hijacked their YouTube…
A screenshot of the settings menu on a computer.

What to Do When Microsoft Outlook for Mac/iOS Stops Receiving Emails from Google Accounts

Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client that is used by millions of people around the world. However, there are some instances where Outlook may stop receiving emails from Google accounts. This can be a frustrating problem, but it is usually easy to fix. One common solution is to remove and re-add the Google account…
A black screen with a button on it.

How to Change Your Facebook Password

Your Facebook password is the gatekeeper to more than just your account – it can open doors to other accounts, so it’s important to keep it strong and secure. If you think your password might have been compromised it is important to change it and you can do so easily in a few steps. Here’s…
A screen shot of a wordpress page with a picture of a person.

The Importance of Setting Your Homepage Title and Description

The homepage title and description are the first things that both search engines and users see when your website appears in search results. They serve as a brief summary of your website’s content and purpose. Boosting Visibility A well-crafted title and description can make your website stand out in search results, increasing the likelihood that…
An older man with a beard looking at his phone.

The Zelle Transfer Scam

Scammers are always looking for new ways to steal your money, and the Zelle transfer scam is one of the latest and most dangerous. In this scam, the scammer will email you pretending to be from your bank or credit union. They will claim that there was a problem with your recent Zelle transfer, and…
Brother hl - l220dw hl - l220dw hl - l.

Brother HL printer offline

If your Brother HL printer is cable connected to your network and suddenly appears offline the fix could be exactly like you’d expect – simple. Have you first checked these points: Power is on and the LCD panel on the front is displaying something (other than an error message), The ethernet cable hasn’t been damaged…
A white camera mounted on the side of a wooden fence.

Arlo camera stopped recording motion detection

If your Arlo camera suddenly stopped motion recording after previously working fine, there is a straightforward fix. This has been tested and used on the Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight camera several times now. There are a couple preliminary steps to confirm before taking this action. First: Confirm your account subscription is active/valid, From the app,…
A man holding a padlock in front of a house.

Upgrade your cyber security in 5 minutes

Get done what you’ve been putting off in two easy steps to give yourself a huge head-start against cyber attack by ensuring you have a password manager and 2FA/MFA (multi-factor) protection on your accounts. In the same way you lock the door to your home to prevent unauthorised access, the cyber world requires the same…
A thief stealing money from a wallet.

How to defeat business cyber security

The weakest link in business cyber security are those running the business – it’s team. The most robust systems are only as strong as those operating it. This is about one specific threat — the “Inside Job.” What is an Inside Job? An Inside Job is when an employee or contractor covertly accesses your company’s…
A computer screen with a picture of a beach.

Windows: You’ve entered an incorrect PIN several times

Trying to log into your Windows 10 computer you get the message: You’ve entered an incorrect PIN several times. To try again, enter A1B2C3 below – and that’s still not logging you in, right? The reason behind this is varied although a common denominator around July/August 2021 relates to a Microsoft software update. To log…
A screen shot of a mobile phone with a picture of a dog.

Hyperlink an image in Apple Mail signature

Making a functional and hyperlinked email signature in Apple Mail is very easy, and very limited. You can easily hyperlink text, you can’t hyperlink images (as of 2020). There is always a workaround. For text; simply highlight it, right-click (control-click) and look for ‘Add Link’ –> paste/edit the link. The same ‘can’ be done if…
A black av receiver with a remote control.

Pioneer SC LX87 with DC voltage at the amplifier output

If you get the flashing MCACC LED indicating that the systems diagnostic has detected DC voltage at the amplifier output there are a couple easy checks before it needs servicing. This same method applies to some other PIoneer amplifier units. First, check all fuses are intact. Second, perform a power fault reset by pressing and…
A screen shot of a screen with a button on it.

IRD GST scam email

The need to treat any email with caution has been further heightened with a clever attempt to phish IRD credentials – presumably in an attempt to hijack your personal details. Titled: ‘GST Return is due’ is the first warning sign, given the date the email was sent. The use of legitimate artwork adds to the…
A screen shot of a linux command line.

Delete a directory and files from a Linux system

Here is how you delete files and folders or directories from Linux based operating systems in one simple step rm -r -f (followed by the directory name). Such a simple command. First you’ll need to be logged in with root access, or use sudo rm -r -f (then the directory name) The rm is short…
Apple security updates.

Mac, iPhone, iPad, iCloud, Apple watch user? Update now to plug a security vulnerability

Issued on 26 January 2021 Apple have updated software supporting their products and services that closes a recently exposed and exploited vulnerability. Which is? The ability for a malicious application that can elevate privileges to gain higher level access and control critical files/functions. The exploit isn’t specific and affects different devices in different ways. If…

Raspberry Pi as Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Content on this page is intended to compliment the article series published The Shed magazine (To Server or Not to Server – What Was I Thinking? Or, A Sheddies Guide to the Data Galaxy, by Nigel Young), as a way of delivering more in-depth detail and update changes to install and configuration of software used/described.…
A screenshot of the google analytics tracking page.

How to generate Google Analytics UA code in new GA4 platform

When Google Analytics upgraded in October 2020 the ability to create a UA- ID for website tracking became a bit hidden (by a lot). Luckily there is a simple series of steps to support websites that only accept UA- code tracking over use of the new gtag.js method. From your Google Analytics ‘Admin’ goto the…
A screenshot of a thunderbird account with the option to connect to thunderbird with gst enabled.

Thunderbird mail not working after 1 December?

If you’re using Eset security on your PC and Thunderbird for an email client they will have stopped working on 1 December. The simple workaround was to disable Eset (webmail and email filtering). There is a permanent solution and it’s pretty simple. It was all to do with Eset replacing their security certificate. Thunderbird didn’t…
Privacy act 2020.

Have you done enough to be compliant for the Privacy Act 2020?

If you’re in business the Privacy Act 2020 affects you Shortly the 2020 version of the Privacy Act comes into effect (1 December). Its purpose is to catch-up a lot of the ground between its initial 1993 deployment and the current way of the world and bring New Zealand closer to the European standard General…
A google login screen with the words couldn't sign you in.

Error when logging into Google account: Your sign-in settings don’t meet your organization’s 2-Step Verification policy

Updating to Google’s login security is preventing authorised access for some users. Try again won’t work either. It is easy to resolve. First you need to log into the master Google account via – the Admin console. Log into the account you’re trying to access. It will now ask you to enter one of…
A google calendar with a calendar icon highlighted.

Microsoft Outlook natively supports Google calendar on Mac not on PC

If you use Google Mail and its associated calendar, they work a treat using Outlook on macOS to share your calendar across devices however if you’re a PC user there are a few extra steps. ** Update: I’ve been using a freeware app in a couple instances that sorts this right out. More details at…
An image of a computer screen with a white screen.

Don’t use Time Machine with your NAS/Network storage

What seems like a great idea will deliver great heartache when you need that Time Machine backup and the only or most up-to-date copy is in a network storage location. The heartache will start when you can’t access that network drive location, when you’re doing a system restore following a catastrophic failure. You’ve suddenly got…
A screenshot of an email with a number on it.

Watch out for voicemail emails

Today a new email notification of a voicemail arrived – that proved to be illegitimate. Like all phishing instances, this was very cleverly done, right down to the sending of the email to spoof as being legitimate. Making it even more convincing, the URL contained in the email tied it to the sending platform –…
A screenshot of a security report summary.

Securing your website with https:// is not enough

Unless you’ve recently had your website security upgraded, chances are it is vulnerable. For most websites there is a momentary window of opportunity for hackers to bust it open if they test its ability to redirect from the http:// to https:// address. It is a cat-and-mouse game of shoring up against hackers, for them to…
A screen shot of a web page showing the settings for a website.

Is your email account scam resistant?

Knowing how reliant your business is on email requires you be one step ahead of the scammers. That starts with using a premium level service provider and, if you’re using a mail service attached to your domain name, that it is configured to deflect spam and scams. What used to be ‘okay’ in terms of…
A receipt for a purchase on an apple device.

Do not click the link in the email!

Did you get an email from Apple about purchasing something from their App store? Take a good look at it and have a good think. Most of all, don’t click the link! That it appeared in my junk box was the first clue that was where it was meant to be. It looks like the…
A close up of a circuit board with a few screws on it.

Troubleshooting: Trusting your gut to find the solution

How often does the light-bulb moment happen and you suddenly realise what you need to do to and fix the fault in front of you? Usually when you’ve given up and gone on to something else, right? It was a lesson I learned early in life – where the answer, or path to finding the…
A screen shot of a support connection page.

How we are paying to take down scammers

Are your online viewing choices feeding those who are taking down scammers and their call centres? It doesn’t take too much digging to find that is exactly what is happening. From busted refund call centres to sophisticated share trading schemes, the background publicity of seeing these networks taken down has bred a multi-million viewer and…
Netflix's payment details page.

Netflix email scam

The ever-growing rise in email scams is taking another twist with their level of complexity increasing in an attempt to defeat filtering and first-glance credibility tests. Netflix are victim to an interesting scam that was worth digging a little deeper on. First clue was the email ended up in the Junk folder – that’s the…
A tv screen with a group of people on it.

Use Zoom? You’ll need a password

Edited 7 April: more details below: As of Sunday 5th April 2020, Zoom teleconferencing requires use of a password to enter a meeting room. A knee-jerk response to address security concerns and the rise of Zoom-bombers, the password step has stone-walled the majority of users. Oblivious account users are wondering why people aren’t joining regular…
A computer screen with the word danger on it.

Hacking spikes and one easy way to lock down your website, now

Disappointingly but not surprisingly I’ve seen a large increase in the number of website hacking login lockouts in the past week. It’s only a matter of time before traditional lines of defence are beaten – that’s why I’m enforcing the really simple extra layer of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA or TFA) on client sites, now. For…
A purple and pink logo with the word doy.

MYOB blocked from running?

A recent update by Windows has caused heated headaches in the MYOB community with a few Windows 10 users experiencing the ‘This app has been blocked for your protection’ message. “No. It was working fine yesterday, it should work fine today.” That’s a simple and reasonable thought. Luckily there is a relatively simple solution, several…

Facebook not previewing your website posts?

When you drop a website post link into Facebook does it populate with the post title and featured image, like you’d expect? While there could be many reasons behind this, one possible solution could be as simple as your DNS settings. Facebook scrapes a preview of website posts based on the AAAA DNS record (IPv6).…

Why your website has to be mobile friendly

You’ve probably seen evidence of it every time you encounter someone aged 18-25 – they’re spending so much time each day staring at their mobile device. Statistics show time they spend attached to their phone has nearly doubled in three years. In 2012 average use was 1.88hours/day, in 2015 that had increased to 3.26hrs/day. Those…

Time-lapse photography trade secret

Here is the no-brainer tell-all on what makes for the ultimate time-lapse camera operation to capture the images that will save hours of post-editing to remove the sea-sickening variations and deliver a smooth result – every time. Since I first started in 2010 I’ve learned a lot of hard and heart-breaking lessons. I’ve had plenty…

Why you need to protect your computers power source

Inevitably at some stage the primary source of power to your computer will be cut – and if you are in the middle of something important you can be sure there will be data loss or corruption. That is why you need a UPS. Not the postal service kind – the one that keeps your…

Brushed with CryptoWall 3.0

 Recently a client had ransom message appear on their computer right while they were completing a task for a client of their own.It was a spine tingling moment. What do you do? You’re trying to serve your own customer and suddenly your computer makes you freeze – that your next move could delete everything on…

Life in the cloud is beautiful

The whole ‘cloud’ term has long been a pie-in-the-sky target for business users as a method of storing and securing precious data and files. As the dominant service providers (Google, Amazon, Dropbox, Microsoft and Apple as examples) offer cheap cloud storage the shift to storing valuable data offsite has become more affordable. Equally; as data…

Is your website really secure?

The fastest way to get your email address added to spam lists is to have it intercepted by someone ‘sniffing’ insecure web data traffic.Website security comes with so much jargon it is often left to chance in the hope those hosting/looking after your site will be your defence against foul.First; consider your own circumstance:Does your…

Why you will love the person who told you to backup your files

As if lightning can’t strike twice another client has just found (luckily) the value of having data files backed up and why they loved heeding lessons learned by others.The cost was a couple hundred dollars by the time they factored in the specialist help. A paltry cost given what they now have.Everything had been going…

Backup backup backup

Three words you hear time and time and time again. Such a cliché and yet we all know its importance. Here is where I pulled myself from an embarrassing situation – thanks to a backup I found safe on my remote drive.Unfortunately during a shutdown/startup I had an audio file corrupted that I was working…

What to do when you get a computer virus

Today revealed a client with the CrypotoWall 3.0 virus on their computer.Computer viruses are real and a timely reminder on steps we should all have in place to safeguard against the attempts of others to interfere with our setup.It’s a necessary reality and in many ways an excellent way of ensuring we treat our data…

The #1 top-tip when installing software

We’ve all faced the dilemma, and sometimes it’s even out of frustration – to install a new piece of software so we can just get on with it. Along with that is a #1 golden rule that for a few seconds of attention will frequently save you hours of heartache later – especially if you…

Staying ahead of the scammers

It may seem a little alarmist yet history proves daily the website that rests is the one that gets put to rest. Aside from being buried in the ever growing internet ‘noise’ the ever growing scammer/hacker trends require pro-active steps to keep your web presence safe.Aside from back-door Content Management System (CMS) access and bolted-door…

The 12 Website MUST Haves

Here are 12 items a website MUST have if it is to be of use to your target market. A domain name people remember – Your website name has to be as short as possible and as easy to spell as possible. Make it easy for your visitors! Mobile capable – You might be shocked…


Here is what’s contained in our done-for-you website solution If you’re starting out or run a small website this email will give you a basic outline on the prime services we include in our done-for-you website package, where you provide the basic site contents (copy), images, branding, colour palette and any specifics you need included.…

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