Arlo camera stopped recording motion detection

If your Arlo camera suddenly stopped motion recording after previously working fine, there is a straightforward fix.

This has been tested and used on the Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight camera several times now.

There are a couple preliminary steps to confirm before taking this action.


  • Confirm your account subscription is active/valid,
  • From the app, select the device (Device Settings –> Device Utilities –> Motion Detection Test) – and confirm the motion detection LED works,
  • From the app ‘Mode’ check and confirm one of the options active includes motion detection is on.


  • Remove the battery from the camera,
  • From the app, delete the device (Device –> Device Settings –> Remove Device),
  • From the app, ‘Add New Device’ and re-add the camera, following the app instructions.

Lastly; ensure the ‘Settings’ includes the re-added camera as part of the subscription. You’ll need to re-add it via the website page (it can’t be done from the app).

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