Brother HL printer offline

If your Brother HL printer is cable connected to your network and suddenly appears offline the fix could be exactly like you’d expect – simple.

Have you first checked these points:

  • Power is on and the LCD panel on the front is displaying something (other than an error message),
  • The ethernet cable hasn’t been damaged or tampered with,
  • It is showing as connected to the LAN (light on network hub/switch is on and shows activity),

If everything appears normal and it was working fine (nothing has been changed), then check this one simple point: that LAN is enabled in the printer settings.

Press the OK button (to wake it up, if it wasn’t asleep), press the up/down arrow button to ‘Network’. Press OK.

Use the up/down buttons to ‘Wired LAN’. Press OK

Then: ‘Wired Enable’ – it is likely disabled. Press OK to enable/disable.

Wait 20sec. Check your local computer to see if the printer is now back online.

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