Thunderbird mail not working after 1 December?

If you’re using Eset security on your PC and Thunderbird for an email client they will have stopped working on 1 December.

The simple workaround was to disable Eset (webmail and email filtering).

There is a permanent solution and it’s pretty simple.

It was all to do with Eset replacing their security certificate. Thunderbird didn’t know, equalling a certificate mismatch and a block against the mail service.

The Eset forum was quick to fill with troubled users and equally, a simple solution that replaces the certificate. The method described in the weblinks below has been deployed on multiple client computers with 100% success.

First step involves removing the outdated certificate from Thunderbird, then closing it.

Second step involves disabling SSL/TLS protocol filtering in Eset, then re-enabling it.

Third step involves opening Thunderbird and checking the Eset certificate has updated.

Background and initial steps:

Eset – how to do the second step:

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