Watch out for voicemail emails

Today a new email notification of a voicemail arrived – that proved to be illegitimate.

Like all phishing instances, this was very cleverly done, right down to the sending of the email to spoof as being legitimate.

Making it even more convincing, the URL contained in the email tied it to the sending platform – a clever way of disguising if it’s genuine (or not).

After a few moments pondering, there was nothing overly sinister about this email. That I’d not been aware of being signed up to the voicemail service was a red flag although it is tied to other services I do use. Muddy waters.

A bit of Google searching yielding nothing untoward. My gut told me otherwise.

Potentially I’m missing out on a voicemail message. C’est la vie. Instead I flagged the email as ‘phishing’ and it’s been removed from my inbox. If in doubt, throw it out.

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