Raspberry Pi as Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Content on this page is intended to compliment the article series published The Shed magazine (To Server or Not to Server – What Was I Thinking? Or, A Sheddies Guide to the Data Galaxy, by Nigel Young), as a way of delivering more in-depth detail and update changes to install and configuration of software used/described.

The article also mentions the Ykush USB2.0 software switchable hub which I can supply for NZ$50 (plus freight). The board can also be purchased via other online vendors including the more up-to-date USB3.0 version. Leave your details in the form below to place an order.

One of the steps in the article mentions mounting the storage drive. If you are using an SSD device it will need to be formatted prior to mounting. Full instructions on that are contained in this article https://www.zdnet.com/article/raspberry-pi-adding-an-ssd-drive-to-the-pi-desktop-kit/ starting at: SSD as additional disk drive.

The steps describe installing the Gparted software that allows the partitioning and setup of the storage drive. It is easiest done via the GUI (desktop) interface.

The next step is to map a folder/directory on the Raspberry Pi to the SSD drive (for the purpose of using it as storage only).

Easiest method is to create a folder on the root of the RPi and adding a script line that is run at boot to mount that folder name to the SSD drive.

An example is to create a folder ‘nas’. While mentioned it could be created from the root (base), it can be anywhere. You just need to remember where it is so you can include the directory path in the script.

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