Here is what’s contained in our done-for-you website solution

If you’re starting out or run a small website this email will give you a basic outline on the prime services we include in our done-for-you website package, where you provide the basic site contents (copy), images, branding, colour palette and any specifics you need included. We then put it all together and deliver an operational package.If you want to skip the content you can book a FREE 10-minute strategy call with me to discuss your requirements and clarify the steps needed to get your result.(I’ll do this for free if you use this link, otherwise you’ll have to pay first ), if it is to give your website a makeover or alter its functionality (make it mobile device responsive, as an example), the path is slightly different.If you’d like to know more about sales and marketing funnels (we build out and host with, skip to the end.Following the initial 10-minute strategy call we work through a list of your requirements – un-packing exactly what you require from the end result. From that point we leave you with a clear plan of what lays ahead and typically follows this path:

  • Domain name (the name your visitors type to go straight to your website i.e.

First we brainstorm with you a best suited domain name (if you don’t have one) and discuss procuring one that works for you. Once that is done we point it to the server where your site will be hosted.

  • Hosting and email (where your website and email are based so anyone can access it):

Next we set up the website hosting, including any email accounts you may require (first one is included in our done-for-you package). We then install the software that runs your website (typically we use WordPress).

  • Sales and marketing funnels (your sales/marketing landing page where visitors either leave their details or make purchases):

If you have an already built or functioning funnel we can look at its performance, split test or edit/modify the existing steps.

Marketing funnels are a must-have for any website and typically preclude the need for a website in the start-up phase (here are some examples: or ) More on this topic at the end of the email.

  • Website design/modify (if you’re wanting to makeover what you already have or start from scratch):

Do you have a favourite website layout in mind? What colours fit your branding? They are base questions we use to build out your website template – which you get full say over. You will be emailed a proposed layout and design we then convert in to a functioning website, plug in your new content (or integrate your existing content) and you have the basics of a working website.

  • SEO and SSL (the start of the jargon phase):

SEO is Search Engine Optimization – the process of ensuring your site gets searched and displayed in the most alluring way to potential visitors. You’re likely to be familiar with how Google display their search results. SEO is the process of ensuring the pages and content you have on offer get the best chance of being found by someone searching and presented in a sharp succinct form. We include this as part of the initial build – and spend time getting key pages optimized by specifically crafting page titles and descriptions to fit search engine criteria.

SSL is a layer of security used to encrypt the connection between the website visitor and the website server:Any site that is handling a visitors contact details ethically needs to use a secure connection to keep that person’s details safe (the connection between their computer and where the details are stored). We advise on the best type of security for the application (base costs typically start at $25/year plus additional hosting fees and escalate depending on the amount of insurance type cover you require).

  • Autoresponders (that deliver your message to your prospective clients):

These take many forms from basic email messages to full Client Relationship Manager (CRM) systems. If you have a sales or marketing funnel on your site you’ll have something you need to deliver your prospective client – that is what the autoresponder does. It collects and stores the contact information from the funnel and sends whatever you ask it to. So we get from you (during your consultation) what you want to achieve and set up your autoresponder to make it look as if you instantly reply to your emails with a magic message every time a client leaves their contact details. We discuss your needs and present to you the best fitting options that match – then make it all happen.

  • Receiving payments:

Have you ever wondered why getting hold of your hard-earned money via the internet seemed so difficult?Which way is the best? Which is the most secure? Most of all – which just gets the money straight to my bank account?Most people are familiar with PayPal – and its slick competitor: Stripe. They are the payment gateways we use to get money directly from your customer to you. There are many steps to making this happen and as you could imagine, are largely around security. Point is we get your money to you.

  • Analytics and metrics (as critical to your business success as backing up your data):

Many people have a Google account and use the Google Analytics service (it’s free). If that’s what you prefer we ensure your Google tracking information is placed correctly and set up the basic reporting profile, so you can log in and see the results. Other metrics we provide include on-server website visitor statistics as well as access to sales/marketing funnel metrics (via email support) – all the information you need to make informed business decisions.

  • Data backup:

We all know how important it is to have a copy of our data. Your done-for-you website is weekly backed up to a remote server. Of course we can do that more frequently (if you are making regular updates we would insist).

  • Social media integration (connect your website to your social media pages):

This is where your website becomes your greatest asset – having a single reference point for your social media channels allows any prospective client to really find out what you do and who you are by following the breadcrumb trail. From YouTube to Facebook the listing of your social media page on your website improves your search engine ranking and gives visitors a simple and easy choice to follow your feed.

  • Security:

As technology evolves so does the aspirations of those wanting to break it. Staying ahead of the loopholes is a no-brainer and a big part of the reason we prefer to build websites that use Content Management Systems (CMS) using WordPress. We monitor and continually update your base technology to ensure loopholes remain closed and your website secure. All our sites are hosted on multi-redundant servers housed inside purpose-built commercial premises and are double secured by hosting your site on a geographically remote server – should the worst ever possible scenario happen. It’s a lesson we’ve received dividends from having taken action on so is standard practise for us.

Your done-for-you solution is yours – you own all of it – including all of the data. You’re free to make any changes and alter as you desire – or ask us to do it for you (or you may prefer to hand the keys to someone else).

More on sales and marketing funnels:

Chances are you’ve seen some sort of pop-up or page asking you to enter your details in exchange for some information (often a free-download). This is one use for a marketing funnel. You’ve voluntarily entered your details to get something in return, related to a topic you are interested in. The smart marketer then has your details and you’re then associated with a particular target market. That smart marketer will then successive send you emails in an attempt to move you along from your current position and hopefully get you to buy something from them – all automatically. This is another aspect of a marketing funnel. It is a numbers game and the more contact details they harvest the greater the chances they’ll get to sell you something, at some stage.If you’re looking for a product parallel to sliced bread this is it, which is why we have invested heavily to have the latest and greatest funnel marketing tools to build out our own sales solutions.There are two parts to this process: you sign up for a funnel hosting account and build out and modify your own marketing funnels (often placed as an interrupting page on a website). Or you get someone to take your idea and do all the work for you. All you do is provide the content and we put in play a funnel to primarily harvest contact details of those who are related to your target market (because they signed up for something they are interested in).A funnel page can be completely stand-alone (it is its own entity) and not tied to a website. You can drive website traffic to it, or get traffic from another source (Facebook advertising is primarily the lead source of marketing traffic).We build our sales and marketing funnels using Check out their site and the plethora of funnels they have in place. If it all looks a bit tricky – we can do all they have there for you.What burning questions do you now have? Book a 10 minute strategy call with me to discuss your questions (I’ll do this for free if you use this link, otherwise you’ll have to pay first )

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