Why you will love the person who told you to backup your files

As if lightning can’t strike twice another client has just found (luckily) the value of having data files backed up and why they loved heeding lessons learned by others.The cost was a couple hundred dollars by the time they factored in the specialist help. A paltry cost given what they now have.Everything had been going great – until they did the advised and upgraded the OS (Mac) to the latest version. While that all went great, at the end of a successful upgrade they were presented with a blank desktop once they had logged back in as their original self. For anyone familiar with a Mac it would arouse suspicion – as you’d expect everything to look as it had prior to the upgrade.Then came that gut wrenching feeling. The previously happy iMac user couldn’t find any of the previous existing files. Nothing. Nada. Zero.Long story short, the upgrade had encountered bad physical hard drive sectors during the upgrade and corrupted the previously happy data. While it had worked around the issue and presented a functioning OS it came at the expense of the user account and its data.Luckily there was a pre-upgrade backup (manual and via the Mac Time Machine app) of the computer and the data.While not a simple story of click and restore the resulting insurance claim will be minor knowing the user data has been verified as complete. It can be restored. Did this person express gratitude at having an off-computer backup of their data? You bet. More so there was a double copy.It’s not a question of if but when you will encounter the same. Are you prepared?

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