How to defeat business cyber security

The weakest link in business cyber security are those running the business – it’s team. The most robust systems are only as strong as those operating it.

This is about one specific threat — the “Inside Job.”

What is an Inside Job? An Inside Job is when an employee or contractor covertly accesses your company’s systems. Through the use of tools like keylogging and screen recording software, they are able to access the systems within the corporate network.

How can an Inside Job Lead to a Data Breach? The information you store in your company’s systems could be used to commit fraud or identity theft. A mutual fund, or corporate executive, could use the stolen data to have their identity stolen and commit fraud against your company.

So why is it an issue? It is the ease at which it has been proven to be possible – to infiltrate a secure business network. Just imagine the sheer volume of data, both in the companies network and in the cloud, that can fall into the wrong hands.

What is the solution?

  • A unified team, that know who is who and who isn’t (the arrival of a trojan horse type operator),
  • Robust policy around the use of USB storage drives (the easiest way to deploy keylogging software),
  • Hidden cabling at workstation terminals and covering access to USB ports.

The list goes on and is specific to each business. The point is security is more than just the IT, it is the workplace environment and support of those who use it.

To give you an idea have a watch at this insightful video on how easy it is to defeat business cyber security and take the self-test to see if this could happen to/for you.

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