MYOB blocked from running?

A recent update by Windows has caused heated headaches in the MYOB community with a few Windows 10 users experiencing the ‘This app has been blocked for your protection’ message.

“No. It was working fine yesterday, it should work fine today.” That’s a simple and reasonable thought.

Luckily there is a relatively simple solution, several of them, including upgrading your MYOB.

It all relates to Window’s level of permission with applications on the computer – a security matter. A recent update (Feb/March 2020) has changed that.

Assisting one client get past this business halting incident was relatively pain free – and easily done by remote.

Without going into detail, as there are several paths to take there are several useful guides. Like following a map, some of the suggestions will deliver an immediate fix, or give you a clue as to what to try next. There is no instant silver bullet.

As a hint, here is the first step you can take to get up and running quickly:

Run the full file MYOB path from Elevated Command Prompt (Win key + X then A and ‘Yes’)

Paste the full path to the command line and press enter. It should now run.

Second step is to bypass future running through either Local Group Policy or Administrator Account.

First attempt by right-clicking and ‘Run as Administrator’ didn’t work.

Getting a bit heavy? That’s good – ease back and work your way through these tutorials on your way to self-satisfaction:

It all stems from this MYOB community instance:

There is more: You may have to create an ‘Administrator’ user first. Follow these instructions, starting near the end of the page ‘Enable or Disable Built-in Administrator Account in Command Prompt

But wait, there’s more (seriously there is). If you’re having further issues reach out. We’ve encountered some secondary issues relating to this and in short: no two cases are the same!

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