The #1 top-tip when installing software

We’ve all faced the dilemma, and sometimes it’s even out of frustration – to install a new piece of software so we can just get on with it.

Along with that is a #1 golden rule that for a few seconds of attention will frequently save you hours of heartache later – especially if you have an impulsive penchant for just clicking any button.You’ve probably already guessed what it is: read each message as it is presented to you. If in doubt, pull out.Sounds stupidly simple huh? Reality is there are instructions that accompany the installation and there will be detail you have to be aware of. Document the process.As for the terminology; if it doesn’t make sense just don’t go there – get help or leave it for another time. It’s just like jumping off a cliff without checking your parachute is correctly packed – or there at all. Splat. And we all know that gut dropping feeling when the install we intended to achieve and result we get doesn’t match. Then we have a mess no handy wipe will remedy. Then you’ll need one of two things: some serious help or significant time – to either remedy or rectify the situation.Pausing and reading what is presented to you will ensure you are the one in control. Well, you’ll be in more control than blindly clicking the biggest button that’s presented to you.Just like crossing a busy intersection, pausing for a moment will give your brain a chance to identify if there are any dangers, warning signs, items of uncertainty or reasons to take a little more care – it is an investment in the time you’d rather spend doing what you want.Really, what would you rather be doing?

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