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Close-up of a web browser interface with focus on the address bar and browser options like history and bookmarks.

Never Store Passwords on Your Computer: A Cautionary Tale


This is for anyone who’s ever thought “storing passwords on my computer is convenient” – including your web browser. It’s a wake-up call based on a real-life experience that shows why it’s a risky practice. The Story The author fell victim to a social engineering attack and their computer was compromised. Hackers hijacked their YouTube…

A screenshot of the settings menu on a computer.

What to Do When Microsoft Outlook for Mac/iOS Stops Receiving Emails from Google Accounts


Microsoft Outlook is a popular email client that is used by millions of people around the world. However, there are some instances where Outlook may stop receiving emails from Google accounts. This can be a frustrating problem, but it is usually easy to fix. One common solution is to remove and re-add the Google account…

A black screen with a button on it.

How to Change Your Facebook Password


Your Facebook password is the gatekeeper to more than just your account – it can open doors to other accounts, so it’s important to keep it strong and secure. If you think your password might have been compromised it is important to change it and you can do so easily in a few steps. Here’s…

A screen shot of a wordpress page with a picture of a person.

The Importance of Setting Your Homepage Title and Description


The homepage title and description are the first things that both search engines and users see when your website appears in search results. They serve as a brief summary of your website’s content and purpose. Boosting Visibility A well-crafted title and description can make your website stand out in search results, increasing the likelihood that…

An older man with a beard looking at his phone.

The Zelle Transfer Scam


Scammers are always looking for new ways to steal your money, and the Zelle transfer scam is one of the latest and most dangerous. In this scam, the scammer will email you pretending to be from your bank or credit union. They will claim that there was a problem with your recent Zelle transfer, and…

Brother hl - l220dw hl - l220dw hl - l.

Brother HL printer offline


If your Brother HL printer is cable connected to your network and suddenly appears offline the fix could be exactly like you’d expect – simple. Have you first checked these points: Power is on and the LCD panel on the front is displaying something (other than an error message), The ethernet cable hasn’t been damaged…

A white camera mounted on the side of a wooden fence.

Arlo camera stopped recording motion detection


If your Arlo camera suddenly stopped motion recording after previously working fine, there is a straightforward fix. This has been tested and used on the Arlo Pro 3 Spotlight camera several times now. There are a couple preliminary steps to confirm before taking this action. First: Confirm your account subscription is active/valid, From the app,…

A man holding a padlock in front of a house.

Upgrade your cyber security in 5 minutes


Get done what you’ve been putting off in two easy steps to give yourself a huge head-start against cyber attack by ensuring you have a password manager and 2FA/MFA (multi-factor) protection on your accounts. In the same way you lock the door to your home to prevent unauthorised access, the cyber world requires the same…

A thief stealing money from a wallet.

How to defeat business cyber security


The weakest link in business cyber security are those running the business – it’s team. The most robust systems are only as strong as those operating it. This is about one specific threat — the “Inside Job.” What is an Inside Job? An Inside Job is when an employee or contractor covertly accesses your company’s…

A computer screen with a picture of a beach.

Windows: You’ve entered an incorrect PIN several times


Trying to log into your Windows 10 computer you get the message: You’ve entered an incorrect PIN several times. To try again, enter A1B2C3 below – and that’s still not logging you in, right? The reason behind this is varied although a common denominator around July/August 2021 relates to a Microsoft software update. To log…

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