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Archive for January 2016

Brushed with CryptoWall 3.0

 Recently a client had ransom message appear on their computer right while they were completing a task for a client of their own.It was a spine tingling moment. What do you do? You’re trying to serve your own customer and suddenly your computer makes you freeze – that your next move could delete everything on…

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Life in the cloud is beautiful

The whole ‘cloud’ term has long been a pie-in-the-sky target for business users as a method of storing and securing precious data and files.As the dominant service providers (Google, Amazon, Dropbox, Microsoft and Apple as examples) offer cheap cloud storage the shift to storing valuable data offsite has become more affordable.Equally; as data connection speeds…

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Is your website really secure?

The fastest way to get your email address added to spam lists is to have it intercepted by someone ‘sniffing’ insecure web data traffic.Website security comes with so much jargon it is often left to chance in the hope those hosting/looking after your site will be your defence against foul.First; consider your own circumstance:Does your…

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Why you will love the person who told you to backup your files

As if lightning can’t strike twice another client has just found (luckily) the value of having data files backed up and why they loved heeding lessons learned by others.The cost was a couple hundred dollars by the time they factored in the specialist help. A paltry cost given what they now have.Everything had been going…

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