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Archive for December 2015

Backup backup backup

Three words you hear time and time and time again. Such a cliché and yet we all know its importance. Here is where I pulled myself from an embarrassing situation – thanks to a backup I found safe on my remote drive.Unfortunately during a shutdown/startup I had an audio file corrupted that I was working…

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What to do when you get a computer virus

Today revealed a client with the CrypotoWall 3.0 virus on their computer.Computer viruses are real and a timely reminder on steps we should all have in place to safeguard against the attempts of others to interfere with our setup.It’s a necessary reality and in many ways an excellent way of ensuring we treat our data…

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The #1 top-tip when installing software

We’ve all faced the dilemma, and sometimes it’s even out of frustration – to install a new piece of software so we can just get on with it. Along with that is a #1 golden rule that for a few seconds of attention will frequently save you hours of heartache later – especially if you…

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