Never Store Passwords on Your Computer: A Cautionary Tale

Close-up of a web browser interface with focus on the address bar and browser options like history and bookmarks.

This is for anyone who’s ever thought “storing passwords on my computer is convenient” – including your web browser. It’s a wake-up call based on a real-life experience that shows why it’s a risky practice. The Story The author fell victim to a social engineering attack and their computer was compromised. Hackers hijacked their YouTube…

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Use Zoom? You’ll need a password

A tv screen with a group of people on it.

Edited 7 April: more details below: As of Sunday 5th April 2020, Zoom teleconferencing requires use of a password to enter a meeting room. A knee-jerk response to address security concerns and the rise of Zoom-bombers, the password step has stone-walled the majority of users. Oblivious account users are wondering why people aren’t joining regular…

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