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Time-lapse camera specialists

Keep an eye on your projects while you’re not there and deliver your client a high-quality record of progress from start to completion. Add visual accountability to the project while delivering additional value through hands-off photo capture that builds a time-lapse video dossier.

Construction time-lapse

From nothing to something; capture the emergence of your pride and joy project as it evolves and takes its final shape. Time-lapse photography captures the journey across time.

Landscape time-lapse

Before, during and now. Capture your project before it starts, the effort and skill that went in to the transformation and close with the end result. Beautifully done with a time-lapse camera.


A record for history; see how it was done through time-lapse photos of a demolition. Also a progress record, it can provide engineering data at how a building morphs when it its structural integrity is altered. The end result is always a dramatic recollection that will never be repeated.

Special event time-lapse
Special Event

Recount the effort and reward of your special event as it gets setup and brought to life. Record the height of activity and analyse the footage for what went well and where. A great example of where time-lapse photography will deliver.

Give your clients something a photo won’t deliver.

Discrete and independent operation; the time-lapse camera quietly records progress – and the option to automatically upload to the internet for you to check progress at any time.

That’s what we’ve been delivering since 2010. Projects have varied from Grand Designs television show house builds, ICC World Cup opening show, night-time building demolitions to the multi-year re-emergence of Christchurch CBD since 2011.

Our focus is on quality – to deliver images that provide detail you can zoom in on. Every installation is unique and we custom a solution to your situation.

Pricing varies on the project duration; indicative costs start from $250/month for projects lasting more than two months. Connection to the internet (and data costs) are dependent on your project and form an iron-clad no surprises agreement that matches your project.


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Got a technical problem?

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Call: 0800 269 383

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