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About Us

Lance Hastie

Why Choose Us

Our genius is being your genius. We cut through the jargon, identify what your needs are, design a solution and deliver a result - that you have full understanding of. From integrating your website to a bank or credit check facility to replacing a burned out microcontroller CCTV system - we've done it more than once.

Our behind-the-scenes team has many decades of life experience from Government security level expertise to primary industry up-bringings. This makes it easy to understand your business and what technology can be put to better use for you.

We understand the lingo so you don't have to
Fast response in an online world
Cost effective rates
Decades of team experience in the real world
Real people within easy reach

Our Story

Our reputation rests on your results. Our mission is to continue building a global reputation for delivery of reliable higher quality results to those who appreciate the value supplied. We do this through our trouble-shooting nous and ever improving technique, that continues to add value to what you receive.

Our Guarantee

We stand behind what we deliver and take responsibility for handing it to you in a condition you can use with full faith. That is our guarantee, nothing less!

Got a technical problem?

Reach out for a hand...

Call: 0800 269 383

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